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Equestrian Icons
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This is Equestrian Icons. As I'm sure you could tell by the name. :D

What is it for? Well, gee...not football..

Okay, sarcasm aside, this is my new brainchild. It's a community for you to post your equestrian-related icons. Anything horsey. Racing, harness racing, showjumping, dressage, or just plain old horses. As long as it's related to an equestrian activity or horses in some way. And I can be fairly lenient, so yeah. If you're unsure, post it anyway and I will let you know if it doesn't belong. Unless there's some major wankage going on, I'm not gonna be an ubermeanie mod. Cos I'm all laid back like that.

...which tends to be my problem in a line of jumps. XD

Wanna join? Click the button. Rules are below:


1. No flaming! I will not tolerate flaming of any kind.

2. On that note, if you want concrit from the members in general, make sure to say so in your post. If you want to give someone some concrit and they haven't specified, ask them in the comments if they'd like to hear it, and then take it to email.

3. Make sure to let someone know if you decide to use an icon, and credit them in the icon description. And NO hotlinking. Anyone found to be hotlinking will be hit with the BanStick.

4. NO bestiality icons of any kind. Not saying anyone would submit them, but, hey, I'm just convering my own ass here.

5. Try not to step tooooo terribly far over the line on good taste. I don't mind curse words at all. Hell, I have an icon of Peter Wylde that says "HOLY SHIT!" but that doesn't mean all things are welcome. Use your good judgement. If it's too vulgar, I'll let you know and I will remove the post.

6. If you post more than three icons at a time, lj-cut please! Do not make me, or half the community, remind you.

7. Other bannable offenses include not giving credit for an icon you use, unless the poster has said no credit necessary. I am dead serious about this one.

8. Since the question may or may not come up at some point in time, posting wallpapers and friends-only banners is quite alright. BUT! They must be behind a cut. No exceptions. Stretching of the friends' page is not fun.

9. Above all else, have fun. One rule I take to heart is never to take myself too seriously. Otherwise, where is teh funny? :D